Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My post for 2016

Hi I'm in Rimu hub this year.  My name is Sage im a year 5. Lets start the blog for 2016. I am in Moriarty  home room. My favorite thing about rime is dig staff I especially  like the symballo. I have a friend her name is Holly she is a year 4. My goal this year is to earn a postcard or lots of certificates.   At home I have one cat and one kitten there names are snicks and whisks  he try's to attack our feet the cat is very skittish. I love art my  favorite tip of art is painting it is fun when you get it every were. I also love swimming and singing. One of my hobbys is reading. My favorite game to play on the computer at home is minecraft it is fun to play there are different mods. 

  Here is me.