Friday, September 23, 2016


Hi guys today I am so happy to be blogging because it is about my PBL an I ma happy to be sharing it with you because it is one of my best things that I have done. Here is my project.
Project Topic: synchronized swimming

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was being creative with my project           because it was really really fun to make and a challenge.

  • The most challenging thing about my project was making it with hot glue gun               because I burnt myself and it was hard to glue the stuff onto it.  

  • The main skill I got better at was revising I got better at it by changing my project.  

  • Something interesting I learnt was that the training for synchronized swimming was harder than I thought.                          

  • What I would most like to change about my project is I would like it to be in a bigger box. Because I can add bigger photos.  

  • I would like to do my next PBL about artistic gymnastics.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.
Questioning because I had to ask myself to work it out and to make a better project. Imagining because I had to imagine how it would look. Noticing when I saw a mistake I went back and fixed it.      

Create a Description of Your Project
This needs to have either video or audio. You can use any app you like. Include a link here. You will embed it as part of your Reflection PBL Blog Post.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

art post

Would you like to buy an awesome piece of art that you can keep forever and ever? Well I have the thing for you  and better yet it is on sale but you have get yours now before offer ends. You get them in cards, notebooks, diaries and calendars. Here is my pic.