Wednesday, November 9, 2016

my writing

Here is my writing 

WALT develop a story to entertain the reader- Sage
Text form: Narrative

Success Criteria
  • Use the Writing Process (Get Ready, Craft, Revising, Editing, Sharing)
  • Structure your narrative through your plan
  • Begins with orientation (setting and main character)
  • Paint a picture with words (descriptive words and actions)
  • Paragraphs (Orientation / Events x3 / Resolution - Ending)
  • My writing goal:

Dancing with the sky

A long long long time ago there lived a little girl named Crystal. She had a brother named diamond. they are twins they but do not look the same. They lived in a small cottage in the forest, the cottage was covered in plants and vines. But nearby there a evil lady, no one new what she was called so they just called her mystery of evil that is.

“ No no no. How many times do I have to tell you, I will do it myself ” yelled mystery of evil her name cat “just live me alone” she carried on. Not to long after she set off to find the twins she fined them at the playground.
Cat was about to attack when suddenly the sky pick up Crystal and started dancing  so did Crystal. Not so long after the sky pick up diamond when the same thing happened all over again.

Now and then they go dancing with the sky.            


  1. Wow Sage!That story was really entertaining!I like the detail you put into your writing.I think the title really suited the kind of story you wrote.Keep up the amazing work!

    1. thank you I am glad that you liked my story