Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Trolls the movie 

Hi bloggers today I am going to be blogging about ... trolls!! 

my most favourite movie :) I can not wait to till you all about it it is such a cooooooool movie the best one yet my fave character is ... Poppy!! she is so so soooooo cooool. Here is what she looks like. 

   Image result for poppy from the trolls movie Here is her hobby scrap booking.  Image result for poppy from the trolls movie Here is my least favourite character. His name is Breach here is what he looks like.   Image result for trolls the movie He is not happy at all. Image result for trolls the movie


  1. WOW!! That movie looks so cool I really want to watch it.
    Good work on your blog post Sage.

  2. Well done Sage!
    that's a great post
    that movie looks great I really want to see it

  3. Good job the post makes me want to watch the movie!!

  4. Wow Sage!I like how you described the movie!(Now your making me want to tell my dad if we can go and see it instead of Moana!)I like how you put in Poppy's personality and a photo of her and her hobby,scrap booking.I also like how you put in your least favorite character.(then a picture of them both!)KEep it up!!! :D ;P

  5. Wow Sage, I love this blog post! I like how you chose to write about your favourite movie. I also like how you chose to say who was your'e favourite and least troll. Keep up the good work:)

  6. my favorite troll is Breach and good blog sage

  7. wow sage what an amazing blog post it is so cool I have watched the movie before and it is amazing my favorite character is poppy as well she is super kind and all ways puts a smile on her face even in the worst times she is amazing. any way well done on this blog

  8. wow trolls are pretty aweosme and I would of noticed that you like trolls. And they are pretty cool. To me this it like a really awesome Short movie but writing and I also like the great Idea how you put awesome picture's on your post and it is cool how you wrote a whole lot of enjoyble story.
    Go! Sage From Maia Williams.

  9. I rille like the troll photos they are amazing photos. It is good that they have the two star characters in the pictures. I like grouch too.