Monday, March 14, 2016

camp fun

Hi I just got back from camp I am tied it was so so so much fun I enjoyed it so much. We did some activities. My favorite one was the pool making one by river it was so cool my teem won!!! . Here are some photos. We went  Omatua/Weks.

This is the word find we had to write the words our self.  
Here are some bugs that we found at camp. 
Hope you enjoyed my camp post. 


  1. i thought there were a lot of bug's that you found! Were they under a rock?
    keep it up!!! ;D

  2. wow that is a lot of bugs and are those black ones wekas and is that dark brown one a tranchular never mind

  3. Hey Sage you did really well on camp and good to hear that you had a lot of fun!

  4. Wow Sage there was a lot of Bugs at Weka

  5. good job sage
    there are so many bugs
    hey i never saw the bugs

  6. Great job sage
    It sounds like
    A lot of fun

  7. wow that looks like some awesome fun :]