Friday, June 12, 2015

week 8 blood story

We were learning to write a moment in time about when we or something was bleeding.
 I am blogging this because I liked the idea.  

‘Hello Scooby why are you barking do you want more water’ I say. I let him of the out kennel. He gives me a big sloping kiss on the leg ‘yuk ’ I say ‘ew my leg is wet’. I go and wipe off  the saliva   after that I go back outside and I hop on the tramp. When I hop off Scooby knocks me over and I land on a little piece of glass. When I get back up blood is dripping down my leg ‘dad’ I scream he comes rushing out ‘ what's wrong ’ he said  ‘ I am bleeding ’ I say . My dad rushes inside when he comes back out he has two plasters. I put them on my leg. There are no scars.   

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